A new version of BilboBlog, the free Php micro-bloging application used for my mini-blog, has just been released. This article summarises the new features.

1. Installation

In its first versions, the BilboBlog installation procedure was criticized and some people could not manage to install it either. These bugs have been fixed and BilboBlog offers now a new handy installation procedure.

If you run the application for the first time, you will be automatically forwarded to a form asking you important details (your email address to display your avatar, the administration interface password...)

Bilboblog - Installation

Once the informations are entered, the installation process will progress automatically and you should take advantage of your micro-blog without any problem.

Note that the version 0.1.x of BilboBlog did not run at the french Internet service provider "Free". The source code was slightly modified and it is now possible to install it at this provider. You will have to follow the additional instructions in the INSTALL file anyway.

2. Use

The main feature of micro-bloging is to allow to publish quickly a message, a picture or a video. This new version should continue to meet this requirement thanks to many new features.

First, Bilboblog now supports the bbCode syntax, often used in forums and other communication tools. A toolbar will help you to use it so that you can format text for example.

Bilboblog - Adding a new message

But the biggest innovation of this new version is certainly its multimedia feature. It is now possible to spread pictures or video (youtube, dailymotion ...) easily and quickly.

Site using Bilboblog   Site using Bilboblog

Finally, for the most advanced users, there is now a bookmarlet, which when added to the Web browser toolbar, will give you the possibility to publish messages instantly. You will find further details about this feature here.

3. The other new features in few words

  • adding a help page
  • adding ajax effects (ticket publication area, picture resizing)
  • cache cleaning from the administration interface
  • plugins support
  • adding a permalink for each publication
  • visitors can now open publications
  • language support (english and french)

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    Ahah, c'est hors sujet mais la poubelle sur le radar m'a bien fait rire :D

    degrilleur , le 14 janvier 2011 à 11:09

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